VirtualBox VRDP Error On Starting Virtual Machine

When starting up a VirtualBox VM I received the following error:

Failed to start the virtual machine VRDP server port 3389 already in use

In order to change the VRDP port I would need to start up the VM, but in order for the VM to start up from the GUI, I needed the VRDP port changed. Bit of a Catch-22.

The solution is to start in headless mode from the command line:

VBoxHeadless -startvm BrokenVMName -p 7788

Then power off the VM from there:

VBoxManage controlvm BrokenVMName poweroff

Once it’s powered off, modify the VRDP port:

VBoxManage modifyvm BrokenVMName -vrdpport 4777

Once this is complete the VM can be started as normal.

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