SiebelDataBean Errors On Login

The Java Data Bean interface for Siebel allows access to Siebel Business Objects through a Java API. It’s a straight forward API that mimics the API exposed to the scripting languages available within Siebel.

However, the lack of descriptive error messages returned is a source of frustration for many developers. For example, the exception thrown by the call to login below provides no information about the root cause of the error.

Code to connect to Siebel via the Java Data Bean interface:

SiebelDataBean dataBean = new SiebelDataBean();

Nondescript error message:

Could not open a session in 4 attempts. {1} (SBL-JCA-200)

One possible cause of this error is specifying the incorrect Enterprise name in your connection URL. (“XYZ” in the code above) The only way to check if this is the cause of your error is to look at the Siebel log files. In this case the SCBroker log file contains the detailed error message, letting us know we have used the incorrect Enterprise name in our connection URL.

SBL-SCB-00007: Enterprise name ( XYZ) in the request is invalid.

You can find the correct Enterprise name by logging into Siebel as an administrator and checking the “Administration – Server Configuration” screen.

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