Setting Up A Samsung Galaxy Tab Using The Cell C Speed Stick SIM

For now the Samsung Galaxy Tab is not one of the devices that can be set up by dialling *147# and selecting “1-Data Settings”. You’ll need to set up the APN manually.

Navigate to Settings > Wireless and network > Mobile networks > Access Point Names and add a new APN with the settings:

  • Name:  WAPGPRS
  • APN: internet
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 8080
  • User name: guest*
  • Password: guest*
  • Server:*

*Only required for accessing email

Samsung Galaxy Tab Cell C APN Settings

Samsung Galaxy Tab Cell C APN Settings

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15 Responses to Setting Up A Samsung Galaxy Tab Using The Cell C Speed Stick SIM

  1. Richard says:

    Hi Michael, thank you for sharing the method, I am very interested in the samsung P1000 Galaxy TAB with the cell c speed stick, which speed stick did you use on the TAB, black(21.5 m) or the white(7meg m), are both sticks working fine with the TAB? Which packages did you bought from cell C and price ? THX Best regards rRichard

    • Michael says:

      Hey. I got the white one. I don’t use the stick itself with the Galaxy, just the SIM. I got the 24G prepaid for R1499. I haven’t had any problems with it.

  2. Oskar says:

    Hello,I tried to use this method on my cellc sim card for my motorola defy,but the network is always in edge.

  3. Andre says:

    Hi Michael

    Thank you for sharing these settings. I’ve just tried these settings on two unbranded Android 2.2 tables and it works on both. (Zenithink ZT 180 10.2” and an APad 7”). I used the white Cell C speed stick.


  4. Neil says:

    Hi, i recently purchased a galaxy p1 tab, and its with cell c. i have a vodacom 3g dongle. i want to swap between the two for the broad band megs. how do i use this.

    1. do i insert the simcard or
    2. can i simply connect the modem with a switch connector into my usb slot and just access it from there?

  5. Yulon says:

    Hi, I have a MaiPad F10B. Guess that it is similar to the APD & ZT. I have also have the CellC speed stick. Used all of the APN information and have never got it to work. The 3G signed does flash at the top, but never seems to connect.
    Anyone experience this, and what do I need to change

  6. Rob says:

    Using my Cell C dongle sim in my Galaxy S2,
    Had issues where phone whould not use data network.
    Turns out OTA APN settings dont send to android over Cell C.
    used APN above and working GREAT NOW !!!!!

  7. ferdi says:

    Hey Michael. Just got a superpad i7 and a cell c dongle. I applied the settings above. The signal is full, but I can’t log onto internet or the market. Any ideas?

  8. Bazil says:

    Hi Michael,

    I have been trying to find out how to check the data availability for cell c. I also have the 24gb speedstick package and am using the sim card in the samsung galaxy tab. All works very nice actually, but I’m trying to find out how to check the data remaining on the sim without any success. I have phoned cell c customer care a couple of times and holding for at least 10 minutes without anyone answering.

    Please tell me you know to do it.


  9. Heidi says:

    Thank you! I couldn’t connect to the internet at all with my speed stick sim on android tab. I can access the internet now!

    Any ideas on how to get the phone to work – can’t phone out, send sms.

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