IT Cuties and Code Babes – Why Oh Why?

An acquaintance of mine posted a link to the IT Cuties site. The description is “Programming tutorials hosted by cute girls”. Not women, but girls.

This led me to discover the even more explicit Code Babes where you can learn to code while “checkin’ out babes”. You can go from virgin to advanced in the subject matter. Yeah, subtle.

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Most programmers are male and we’ve managed to entrench sexist behaviour into our culture. The above sites are clear examples of that sexist drivel. If you care about our industry at all, please don’t support the behaviour and call it out when you see it.

Handy tip – If you link to a site and don’t want that to help it’s page rankings, be sure to include nofollow in your links.

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4 Responses to IT Cuties and Code Babes – Why Oh Why?

  1. Phumlani Mbabela says:

    “Programming tutorials hosted by cute girls” … All i can say is… SEX SELLS.

  2. AspieSavant says:

    It’s definitely a stupid idea… but sexist? I never understood why Feminists conflate the appreciation of the female form with sexism. That never made any sense to me…

  3. John says:

    Bullshit. These pages are well done and I prefer to watch them. I understand that the “cuties” are not IT-professionals but their articulation is much better than 90% of our male-pros. Don’t try to find sexism from everywhere.

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