Cassandra Repository Analyser For Siebel

Tetrad IT has released a new product! The Cassandra Repository Analyser. From the website:

Cassandra is a fully automated repository analyser for Siebel. It analyses a Siebel repository for best practice violations in configuration and eScript that lead to performance problems, memory leaks, maintenance difficulties and data integrity issues. The goal of the tool is to measure the quality of development produced.

The best practices inspected for are a subset of the Oracle Configuration Review and Software Engineering best practices.

Instead of waiting for a once a year (or worse!) manual review to be done, developers, team leads and architects can now review their Siebel eScript and configuration as often as they like. They can even set up the tool to email them daily, weekly or monthly reports.

Cassandra is available as both a client and server application. The client application is based on the NetBeans Platform, an awesome Java thick client framework. This is installed locally and normally used for ad hoc developer specific reports.

The server component is a Jenkins plugin making it easy to get up and running with, and giving you all the goodness of the Jenkins product and plugin ecosystem. This allows you to use Jenkins’ powerful scheduling and notification functionality.

If you’re interested in finding out more, check out the product webpage.

Cassandra has been featured on the NetBeans Platform Showcase:

Cassandra Repository Analyser

Cassandra Repository Analyser

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    Could you please let us know the cost of this product?

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