Shipped List 2010

My Seth Godin inspired shipped list for 2010:

  • Implemented Harvest: An archiving tool for Siebel
  • Released the Tetrad IT Professional Development Plan
  • Kicked off the internal Tetrad IT Developer Forum
  • Launched the Ferndale Java User Group
  • Launched the Johannesburg Siebel User Group
  • Started this blog
  • Contributed to an open source project (Renjin). Time permitting; I’ll do a lot more in this regard come 2011.

Not a bad year, but it could have been better. I have 2011 more comprehensively planned than 2010 was, so my next shipped list should be bigger and better!

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3 Responses to Shipped List 2010

  1. Ken says:

    Were you a part of ImplementIT started by Rod Haigh and friends?

  2. Ken says:

    Knew Rod from SPL Cape Town – was then taken over by DiData.

    Do you know where he’s now?


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