June Jozi JUG – Javascript, Nashorn and Project Avatar

The June Jozi JUG will take place on 30 June at BBD from 18:00. So come through for great presentations as well as free food and drink. To RSVP please go to the groups Meetup page.

Next Gen : The Jozi JUG Code Dojo Second Kata

The Jozi JUG code dojo’s second white belt kata will be explained.

The Dojo is a totally free place where new Java developers in South Africa can learn modern techniques of the Java ecosystem.

The kata includes explaining the code of the first kata, modifying the program and pushing the code to github.

Come on over!

Come on over!

History of JavaScript and new exciting features of Nashorn and Project Avatar

JavaScript is all the rage! If you have not heard of node-this-node-that there where have you been?

Not to want to miss all the attention, Oracle has put its brightest minds in upgrading Java’s JavaScript engines with 95% Java-To-Node compatibility.

Join Rory as we discover the history of JavaScript and the new exciting features of Nashorn and “Project Avatar”

See you there!

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