JEE7 Launch with Arun Gupta

The Jozi JUG is hosting Arun Gupta on 26 August for the launch of JEE7. You can RSVP on Meetup. See you there!

Arun Gupta will be flying in (not to Waterkloof) to give a presentation to the Jozi JUG on all the new goodness in JEE7. It’s not often we get international speakers, let alone of this caliber, so this one is not to be missed!

About the speaker:
Arun Gupta is a Java EE & GlassFish Evangelist working at Oracle. Arun has over 14 years of experience in software industry working in various distributed computing technologies, Java(TM) platform, and several web-related technologies. In his current role, he works very closely to create and foster the community around Java EE & GlassFish and related technologies.

To find out more about Arun, head over to

Duke says... thumbs up to Arun!

Duke says... thumbs up to Arun!

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